Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

“Now I’m ready to get a clear conclusion about whether my website is working due to my expectations or not.”

The insights are priceless. Reading our blog, we hope now you realize that there is a lot to explore and optimize before turning your mind to everyday management. Sure, all of us want everything to be completed, and we want it now. But as every mom used to say: no sweet without some sweat. Thus, the business owners who spend time on detailed study and understanding of the project’s challenges are more likely to unveil the potential benefits which help them to move in the right direction. And, the most important: never look back. 

For those who want to be the same kind of business owner described above, we performed an example of a basic audit. It helps you to spot the crucial changes which can help you to make your website a strong enough player in online competition. So, get ready to order a free audit, and upgrade your project.

The example of a basic audit

To remind you about an audit purpose: now we’re going to identify current errors, problem areas and stoppers for the normal development of your project in search engines. Also, we will check problems that lead to the rejection of purchase, to a drop in demand and a decrease in other conversion actions. Evaluation begins! 

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Evaluation of indexing and technical files

This would be our first step. Analysis and evaluation of these parameters show whether your website is seen in search engines, and how many landing pages can be delivered to a potential customer. Incorrect operation of one of the technical files can have a catastrophic effect on your website, or even create an obstacle to its entry into the index. It’s practically online death. In this case, the potential audience simply won’t find a link to the site for targeted requests. Therefore, our main task here is checking the Google search results (indexation) and technical files to stay alive online. 

Assessment of the formation of site’s URLs

Then, we estimate the formation of links to the requirements of search engines. Google has certain preferences and wishes for how the URL should look like and which it won’t help to advance in the top SERPs. 

When all URLs on the site are prepared according to the basic rules, visitors can easily find all the information needed. The users don’t mind to share correct links on social networks, forums, and even on their websites. Too long URLs that contain an unclear set of symbols scare the audience away. It may decide that such pages consist viruses, even though there are no other signs of flaws. 

Everything needs to be done right from the very first day after the site is filled with content. If you change the URL when your resource is popular, the pages will be removed from the search results for a while, as it takes time to reindex them.

Also, if you change the structure of links on an already trusted resource, you can lose some of the traffic, especially clicks from other sites.

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

The website loading speed: mob + web

As we said before and reinforced our opinion by statistics, people hate waiting. If only your website is not the one which sells long-awaited tickets to Comic-Con, potential customers will be gone for good without saying good-bye. That's why, using a specialized service, we check the speed of page loading for the audience. This is one of the important parameters in the promotion because sites that load for a long time bore users and generously give their potential customers to the competitors.

There is a generally accepted norm for the download speed of the desktop and mobile versions. We evaluate each landing page by basic parameters. 

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Evaluation of the mobile/adaptive version of the site

The mobile version of the site is separately evaluated: since 2018, it has the same significance as the desktop version (and in some cases, it’s in priority). As we said in our previous article, nowadays it’s crucial to be mobile-friendly. The websites without the mobile version lose 2070% of the traffic, the trust of the search engines and can’t count on high positions on the pages.

When analyzing the mobile version, we evaluate the key parameters and the moments of adaptation that are significant for promotion.

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

404 page (design + tech parameters)

Oops, something goes wrong. There are more than 30 reasons for the occurrence of 404 error pages. This frequent and, unfortunately, systematic action is one of the major tasks for the SEO specialist. After our audit, you will receive a list of broken website elements. And if you work them out, you can improve your website’s relationships with the search engines. 

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Search for duplicates

URL is different, but the content of the pages is the same. Sounds like fine? Just a couple of identical pages on your website. But the same content may fall under the filters of search engines. To avoid this, you need to know how to get rid of the duplicates. Page duplications are very dangerous in terms of SEO. They reduce page uniqueness and they are critically perceived by search engines and can lead to serious losses in ranking and even get into a ban. 

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Website security assessment (Vulnerability Search)

Any site can be attacked, regardless of size and commercialization. Before, the “war of technologies” and cyber espionage were mainly a problem of large corporations, entire countries, or spy movies. Nowadays these methods are quite often used in small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, the resource loses its working capacity, and confidential user data is endangered. For you, this means financial losses and a bad reputation. 

The website security audit, or checking the site for vulnerabilities, is a series of procedures aimed at ensuring the stable operation of a web resource, data security, and reducing risks. If you're not a fan of this type of headache, it's necessary to systematically conduct security testing and do not neglect the installation of protection on your projects.

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

The work of communication forms and a cart

On this phase, we test contact forms, create applications, and calls to evaluate all channels of potential customers' calls. Often identified the problems of non-working forms on some operating systems, in the conditions of making unforeseen data, or in other circumstances. Also, if there are untested bugs in the cart (the form is not sent, information filling fields have errors, etc.) that prevent the application from being processed, you can say “goodbye” to your potential client. Automatically like an error. 

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

Basic SEO audit of key parameters

Evaluation of basic SEO tools. Their presence, uniqueness, the use of keywords, and the correctness of formation are checked by ordering our free audit. All these points help to rate the quality of the internal optimization, and the work of the SEO specialist. It also helps to identify the causes of low traffic or its absence in general.

Ecommerce practice: performing free SEO audit

What’s next?

It’s crucially important to notice all the problems right on time. To our customers who have ordered SEO, first of all, we conduct a comprehensive audit to make sure that further promotion challenge will be successful. When conducting an audit of your project, we use several services and specialized programs that allow you to get complete statistics and accurate results. 

You will receive a file with more than 20 evaluation parameters and recommendations that you can apply to improve your website performance. Also, you will get the additional files with found errors. For example, with a list of 404 errors.

After having done this free basic audit, you can explore the checklist, analyze it, and give it to the programmers, and SEO specialist for revision. If there are more than 10 errors have been identified, we recommend you to perform a full comprehensive audit. It will allow you to evaluate the website’s condition from all sides, identify all current problems and create recommendations for improving the situation for promotion. 

All you need to do to start upgrading your project is to follow a link and fill the form. Text us a link to your website and your email where we will send the results as soon as possible. 

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