Promotion of the online store of handmade purses, bags and leather accessories

Service: Comprehensive SEO promotion

Subject: Online store of designer accessories and home goods

Region: Germany

Duration: 6 months (June 2018 - December 2018)


Initial site data before promotion:

Traffic per month: 360

Conversions per month: 0.49%

Bounce rate: 64.7%

Promotion goals:

Increase the profitability of your online business:

traffic increase;

failure rate reduction;

conversion rate increase to 2 or more.

Increase brand awareness

First of all, we agreed that now is the best period for optimization for the New Year and high demand seasons.

Project development strategy:

Our task was to promote a brand website which is well-known only among the small circle of people. We decided to connect SMM to search engine promotion to visualize the logo and work on memorability.

The first step was to do a comprehensive audit to identify all the problems that would prevent the resource from effective development:

- page loading speed is critically low;

- there were sources of formation of duplicate URL;

- unclosed spam and non-informative pages from indexing;

- the description wasn’t displayed on the page;

- buttons, menu links, navigation were wrapped in H1-H2 headers;

- there wasn’t micro-marking.

Due to the analysis of competitors, we offered the usability and design improvements which created the best user experience. We compiled a full technical task for programmers and recommended it to the client for improvements. Also, while we worked to eliminate the found technical problems, the work on internal optimization was proceeding:

Collecting a full semantic core: we offered to expand the site structure, as well as expand the production line based on existing market demand.

Work on the content: expanding existing and optimizing key phrases.

Work on the blog: we decided to do the content marketing, and create informational and marketing forms of capturing demand through publications.

Work with a reference profile.

It was easy to work with the client. He enthusiastically tried all the recommendations and innovations, such as expanding the structure, developing a new line of products (watch straps, passport covers, bow-ties, suspenders), running accounts on the social networks, and even writing interesting trust articles about products, and skincare.

Based on the seasonality, we created and pre-promoted thematic sections like New Year's gifts, Birthday presents, etc. As a result, we got the first results within a month after the start of optimization. And then every month, the upward trend was increasing.


Traffic per month: 4,200

Conversions per month: 5.12%

Bounce Rate: 38.7%

Brand recognition was rated by the keys with the brand name. From 2 per month, demand rose to 80-100 according to Google.

Until November 2019, we are continuing to work on the project. The client decided to switch from the template to a unique design; change the CMS to Shopware. Our optimization and crowd marketing strategy is at the finalization stage, as well as increase the amount of backlinks.